Forlaget Forlæns brings Marcel Ruijters to the guest list

IheronimusIn conjunction with the release of the Danish translation of Marcel Ruijters biography on Hieronymus Bosch, his Danish publisher at Forlaget Forlæns has invited the Dutch creator to Copenhagen for the Art-Bubble Festival at The Round Tower.

Marcel Ruijters is a veteran of self-publishing since the late 1980s and has been working internationally with many publishers, including Le Dernier Cri, L’An 2, Oog & Blik, Knockabout and Forlaget Forlaens. Over the latest decade, his work has been inspired by medieval art. His adaptation of Dante’s Inferno was awarded as the best Dutch graphic novel of 2008. His biography of Hieronymus Bosch is his latest, and most ambitious project thusfar.


Marcel Ruijters Borsch2 Marcel Ruijters Borsch1 Marcel Ruijters Borsch3