GLENN FABRY – Preacher, Hellblazer, 2000AD

Glenn Fabry has, as a part of the PREACHER team, been instrumental in the reinvention of the comic book cover. His outrageous paintings baffled, enfueled and inspired thousands of fans all over the world. A trend he has continued as the cover artist of titles such as Hellblazer.

In addition to his cover work, Fabry has also provided the art for series such as Neverwhere, based on Neil Gaiman’s story, Slaine for 2000AD, Global Frequency with Warren Ellis and many more. He has accumulated an astounding 6 Eisner award nominations, one of which earned him his 1995 award for Hellblazer.

Many of his iconic Preacher covers have provided important and pivotal inspiration for the visuals of the TV serialisation.

All images ©Glenn Fabry and respective publishers. Headshot ©Steve Rideout Photography

Glenn Fabry draws at Barcelona Comicon 2011. From Youtube.

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