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Sign Language Interpreter for Comic Book Festival, Art Bubble

9 March 2017 – Download as PDF

The Comic Book Festival Art Bubble is the cosiest Comic Book Festival in Denmark – and now we want to make sure that the festival becomes even cosier for the deaf fans of comic books.

We have allied ourselves with a sign language interpreter interested in comic books, so that our lectures, debates, etc. all is sign language interpreted.

Art Bubble can look forward to no less than two Art Bubble festivals in 2017.

April 22 in Aarhus and 18 and 19 November at The Round Tower of Copenhagen – and both events will be sign language interpreted.

Art Bubble on April 22 in Aarhus will be a one-day event in the new cultural center DOKK1 and as Aarhus is the European Capital of Culture in 2017, our focus will be on the European comic artists.

Art Bubble on 18 and 19 November at The Round Tower has already confirmed the first big name as a guest, the Donald Duck artist Don Rosa, who among other things is the man behind the beloved “Here is your life”, the story of Scrooge McDuck’s life.

The board of Art Bubble board hope that you will share the news, where appropriate. Please do not hesitate to contact myself for further information.

On behalf of the Board of Art Bubble

Laila Jerming Graf
Phone 26 99 55 33

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