Art Bubble TV

Art Bubble has launched a TV-channel, featuring interviews from the Art Bubble festival and around the world. At present, you can find interviews on the Danish part of the site, and we are working towards getting it all ready for the English part as well. Our first...

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Danish headliners at Art Bubble

Art Bubble is happy to annnouce the Danish headliners guesting the comics festival at DOKK1 in Århus 22 April 2017. Among the guests are Peter Madsen (Valhalla, Troll Life), Frank Madsen (Kurt Dunder, Eks Libris), Palle Schmidt (Thomas Alsop,...

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Foreign headliners

The Art Bubble festival is extremely excited to once again be able to present a number of amazing foreign guests. At this year's one-day bash, at the amazing Dokk1 in Aarhus, we are pleased to be able to announce Philippe Luguy (Percevan), who is making a rare...

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Sold out!

Yes, we're sold out! We're all of out space for exhibitors, but there's plenty of space for you to enjoy, as Art Bubble takes over at Dokk1. NO ADMISSION FEE - BRING YOUR FAMILY AND ENJOY COMICS!

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Hanne Hansen award 2016

The 2016 Hanne Hansen Award was presented to a packed ballroom at Best Westerne Hotel Jørgensen in Horsens, on September 10th. This year's recipients were chosen not for their published work, but rather for their tireless efforts behind the scenes. One presenterer...

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International guests at Art-Bubble

In 2014, Riccardo Burchielli and Kari Korhonen both figured highly on our list of visiting artists, but both sadly had to cancel, disappointing their Danish fans. Both were really sorry, and now they are getting a second chance! Riccardo Burchielli is known for his...

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FInd out, what Danish podcasters discuss in terms of comics.

Tegneseriesnak is run by Lasse Jørgensen with Art Bubble organizer Árni Beck Gunnarsson a frequent guest on the show.

Lucha Comico - Denmarks most enthusiastic comics podcast

Henning Larsen and Michael Lindal take their listeners on a comics journey.

Listen to Lucha Comico

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