The Hanne Hansen Award

The 2014 Award

In 2014 a new Danish comics award was created. It was presented at the 2014 Art-Bubble Festival in Horsens, on September 27th-28th. The Hanne Hansen Award is named after a character by one of Denmark’s first and best known illustration artists, Arne Ungermann, and is the comics industries pendant do the Danish acting award, the Bodil.

Three creators were chosen to receive the first award, based on their belief in the medium, their willingness to help other creators and their own tireless efforts for the improvement and growth of Danish comics; Henrik Rehr, Thierry Capezzone and Ingo Milton.

They in turn chose three new recipients of the award, which was awarded at the Round Tower of Copenhagen, on November 19 – 20, 2015:

The 2015 Award

Per Sanderhage, editor and writer, who has dedicated his life to comics and continues to do so to this day, nursing and nurturing new talents and old, whilst ensuring new publications for future generations of comics reader.

Iben Overgaard, director of the Storm P. Museum, the danish museum for comics, for her tireless efforts to promote the comics medium for the general public.

Søren Vinterberg, journalist and translator, for his work on countless major translations, incl. the works of Jacques Tardi as well as his continued promotion of comic books in the national media.

In addition to these recipients, the festival inducted Albert Uderzo into the Hanne Hansen Hall of Fame, for his contribution to comics and particularly for his encouragement and inspiration of generations of Danish comics creators.

The 2016 Award

On September 14th-15th, 2016, three new recipients were once again selected not from the ranks of comics creators, but the people behind the scenes.

Morten Thorning, leader of the Animation Workshop of Viborg, which has contributed to the education of animators, comics creators and story tellers since 1989.

Marit Nim, owner and proprietor of Fantask, the longest continuously run comic book shop in the world, which in 2016 celebrated the shop’s 45th anniversary.

Paw Mathiasen, founder and owner of Forlaget Fahrenheit, who for 25 years have published quality comics in Danish, foreign and domestic alike.

Finally, a second inductee to the Hanne Hansen Hall of Fame was elected by the festival organizers. Mort Walker was elected for his contribution and influence on Danish comic strips through his work on Beatle Bailey and Hi & Lois.

Albert Uderzo

Honorary recipient of the Hanne Hansen Award in 2015

Mort Walker

Honorary recipient of the Hanne Hansen Award 2016

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