About Art Bubble

The Art-Bubble Comics Festival was created by writer/artist Lars Jakobsen in 2011 because he felt that Danish comics readers should have a festival anually. It was originally intended as a bi-annual festival, mirroring the Copenhagen based komiks.dk, now Copenhagen Comics.

The theme of the first Art-Bubble festival was French-Belgian comics and the festival was visited by six French and Belgian creators as well as a number of Danish counterparts. At the same time, an exhibit of 100 original French-Belgian works, representing all of their biggest names, opened along with an exhibit, that told the hundred year story of the comics medium.

A second festival was held in October 2012. Titled STARS AND STRIPES it focused on American comics and saw a number of guests from the American industry who’d worked on titles such as Spider-Man, X-Men, Batman, Star Wars and more, as well as a number of new and established Danish comics creators.

The third festival on September 27th-28th was a resounding success with guests from Belgium, the UK and the US. The festival organizers created the Hanne Hansen Prize, a Danish honorary award that recognizes the work of people within the Danish comics industry.

2014 was also the year in which the Art-Bubble organizers decided that the festival would become an annual event, starting with the 2015 edition at the Round Tower of Copenhagen.

Testimonials from guests

Good lord, you hear about European shows treating guests well, but nothing could have prepared us for the astonishing levels of hospitality, enthusiasm, and generosity we were met with in Denmark and Norway. Árni Beck Gunnarsson, Lars Jakobsen, Gitte Jakobsen, Christopher Thomsen, Johnny Leth-Andersen, and the entire Art Bubble team were absolutely wonderful. Every member of the team went out of their way to make us feel welcome and comfortable. The fans were great, Horsens is a cool little town, and I can’t wait to go back.

Jarrett Melendez

Comics agent and manager, Comic Art House

Everyone at Art Bubble was beyond words amazing and then going to Raptus made the trip that much more special and amazing. Thank you for your kindness. Thank you for welcoming us with open arms. Thank you to the fans. Thank you everyone. I really can’t believe this is my life and I have so many amazing people in it.

Agnes Garbowska

Artist - My Little Pony

I had such an amazing time in Horsens for Art Bubble and Copenhagen for Fantask and then Bergen Norway for Raptus! Árni and Lars! Thank you so much for everything! I’ll never forget this trip. Art Bubble was so inspirational!

Sara Richard

Artist - My Little Pony, Rick & Morty

Wondering what our guests speak about during panels? Look no further.

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