The Art Bubble festival is extremely excited to once again be able to present a number of amazing foreign guests.

At this year’s one-day bash, at the amazing Dokk1 in Aarhus, we are pleased to be able to announce Philippe Luguy (Percevan), who is making a rare appearence in Denmark. Glenn Fabry, whose work on Preacher helped redefine comics covers and set much of the tone for the TV serialisation. Kari Korhonen (Donald Duck) whose sketches at the last festival were immensely popular. Yves Rodier (Tintin after Hergé), who is attempting to lift the mantle of the late, great master Hergé and finally, Antony Johnston (Wasteland), who crosses media with books, comics and computer games and soon to be film, with Atomic Blonde based on his work.

When the festival opens on April 22nd, you’ll have your chance to meet these and many more soon to be announced guests.

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