Art Bubble is happy to annnouce the Danish headliners guesting the comics festival at DOKK1 in Århus 22 April 2017.

Among the guests are Peter Madsen (Valhalla, Troll Life), Frank Madsen (Kurt Dunder, Eks Libris), Palle Schmidt (Thomas Alsop, Nelson-series), Paul Arne Kring (Bolette Hansen, Weenetryhl), Kristina Rickens (Live from Lolland, “Live fra Lolland”), Ida Gantriis (The Egg, “Ægget”) og Sussi Bech (Nofret, Dalila den Drevne).

Peter Madsen is a well-known comic artist and illustrator. He has published 15 comics books – and directed the first full-length animated movie in Denmark – the Valhalla series about tales of the Norse mythology, but he has also illustrated several books, e.g. The History of Job as well as Troll Life (Trolleliv in Danish) which is authored by his wife Sissel Bøe.

Frank Madsen an illustrator and author with many talents. Weekly he author the stories for Eks Libris, whish his wife Sussi Bech illustrates. Frank has also published the comics books serie Kurt Dunder which is inspired by Hergé’s Tintin.

Palle Schmidt has just published Thomas Alsop vol. 2 – the sequel graphic novel in the award-winning series. Furthermore, he has published several children picture books in the series about a boy called Nelson.

Paul Arne Kring is a multitalented artist and comics book illustrator. Especially he is known for the series “Bolette Hansen” and “Weneetryhl” but as a puppet maker, he has also created the puppets of seagulls “Kaj og Bøje” for ferry commercials as well as he has created the statues for our own Art Bubble “Hanne Hansen Prize”.

Kristina Rickens is a long-term blogger who is now succesful with the comics blog “Live from Lolland” – in Danish Live fra Lolland – which is about her own – and her husband called Mr. Hubby – whimsical everyday life on the countryside far away from the busy inner city life of Copenhagen, where they used to live.

Ida Gantriis has her creative genes from her parents and is a popular illustrator at several publishing companies. She is known for her non-verbal picture story The Egg – in Danish “Ægget” about love and challenges.

Sussi Bech became well-known for the comic book series Nofret. She has just published the luxary double album “Dalila den Drevne” which is also her first comic books from her youth. She illustrates the comics strip Eks Libris which her husband Frank Madsen author for the news paper Weekendavisen.

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